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From whatever angle you look at it, surfing is for enjoyment – being in the moment. Most of the surfers I photograph are pro-surfer, others are in the sport of big wave surfing and then there are those who are soul surfers.

My life as a professional surf photographer takes me on many journey's around the world. Chasing swells, exploring new coastline, searching for undiscovered waves, and shooting the most perfect waves on the planet.

Telling the story of surfing through my lens...

Big, bold and beautiful – from land, beach, rock, water, boat, ski or helicopter – from film to digital – I love to photograph waves. Empty waves, perfect waves, perfect lefts, perfect rights, monster waves, slabs, unrideable remote chunks of ocean – they're all beautiful through my lens.

Following the weather charts with an eagle eye, waiting and ready to catch a flight at any given moment. It doesn't matter to me which country it is, I just know I want to be there when the swell hits. I have stories of sitting in boats in the impact zone at Teahupoo and wondering if I would survive with my camera. And then there's all the good memories made while exploring the islands aboard the Indies Trader with captain and crew.

I do and always will photograph waves...

You could say The Prom, Wilson's Promontory, the southernmost part of the Australian mainland in the state of Victoria was where I began to truly appreciate the view. Not forgetting, way back when - Phillip Island was the place to surf; then we discovered Torquay, it seemed like another world; an awe-inspiring place. It's funny how things change.

The power of a passport, the freedom to travel to far away lands, exploring coastline and yes the opportunity to photograph spectacular line-ups. There is still room for expansion in this section of the gallery. As I rediscover images from my archives, they too will be added to the current Lineup Collection and available to order as professionally printed photographic images.

Everything’s a matter of perspective...