mermaid | aquadios

There's just something so special about free diving into deep caves, black as the night with just a stream of sunlight to guide our way. Where instincts take over and experience and skills are paramount to the success of a dive.

The focus of our trip was about creating awareness to the conservation of the Humpback Whales with soul surfer Dave (Rasta) Rastovich. We found the perfect location where we could swim safely and explore the caves while checking out these magnificent giant creatures of the Ocean.

One of our crew was an ocean activist and just happened to be professional mermaid and an extremely experienced free diver. Etherial blue silhouettes appeared as Hannah swam through the caves, bubbles illuminated by the sunlight as they rose to the surface. We were all in absolute awe of the enormity of the humpbacks as they swam freely around us.

Etherial blue silhouettes...

I was recently asked to give a personal insight into my Aquadios series of portraits. A body of work that's grown from hundreds of hours discovering and working with light and the various elements of underwater photography. Unravelling the mystery of a whole new form of beauty.

How gravity is eliminated from the equation and the over powering influences of water communicates an almost outer body experience. New shapes appear as hair floats to the surface, bubbles dance as they rise, light reflects to reveal glimpses into the deep where imagination morphs into emotion.

The juxtaposition of spontaneous movement and the controlled elements, produce surreal and unique moments, unrepeatable stills of time as if from another world - magic.

The stillness of sound, a silent mind...