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One of my many favourite places to visit and photograph. It's beyond words, it's so beautiful, I took my second trip to Iceland in 2006 and on each visit I look forward to returning. The rugged and extreme diversity of the landscapes, the ever so photogenic contrasting light situations and of course those Icelandic horses.

Being a professional photographer I get to pitch ideas to companies and on one occasion it paid off. We went on an adventure to test heated wetsuits in extreme temperatures. Jökulsárlón Lake; meaning glacial river lagoon, is a large glacial lake in the southeast of Iceland, on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park.

Beyond beautiful, the landscape, the light...

Crossing boarders, trekking mountains and sailing seas, all to discover moments of visual ecstasy.

With no agenda but to inspire, I strongly recommend investing in the pursuit of, the experience they call 'breathing in the view'. In my book it has an unspoken power to eliminate the unnecessary, to free the heaviest of burdens and to fill the heart with a new song. Seek out situations where all the elements align. Let your subject guide you, look for the hero, lead with light and loose yourself in the view.

It’s a better world when we breathe in the view...

Rich diverse, extraordinary wildlife – it's colours and characters surrounded in their natural habitat – the promise of the unpredictable. The wild spontaneity of nature keeps me returning to some of the most exotic and indulgent locations on the planet to spend time observing and photographing them.

From the tropical rainforests of South America to the vast desert plains of Namibia, only one thing is guaranteed when photographing wildlife. You get what you get, there is no directing the talent, no manipulating the set. I love to work this way, where patience is a virtue and you are merely a privileged observer.

Living wild wild wild wild, life...