cuba | de boxeo

On each occasion I visit, I'm reminded of how unique this rebel island nation is. It's smouldering vibrancy of culturally rich people that are proud to be Cubans. In it's quest for liberation these people have sacrificed a lot, yet have faith in their history – resilience, isolation and authenticity.

By night calles pulse to Cuban rhythms, streets lined with faded old Chevys and vintage Buicks – visitors streaming to the repetition 'we want to see the island before we ourselves can get there to ruin it...

Culturally rich Habana, despite its architectural decay..

Shadow boxing is one of the oldest, most pure exercises for improving your fighting ability. It seemed only fitting that I should visit one of the oldest boxing gyms in Havana to photograph this dance of legends.

Cuban's are passionate about their boxing, it's about as raw as the sport gets and the open air arena was the perfect stage to capture the elements of these amateur athletes. 

Like many places in Cuba, this boxing gym was named in memory of a revolutionary hero, Rafael Trejo was a Cuban law student, murdered in 1930 during protests against the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado.

Boxeo de sombra...