Laurie Towner on an early wave of the day.
 Teahupoo was treated with the utmost respect by all watermen, and the best of the best in water safety men, camera operators, helicopter pilots, drone operators, boat drivers and support crew were assembled from all around the globe for the 20-foot swell. Tahitian ski driver Vetea ‘Poto’ David was unflinching in his duties.
 Dylan on one of his Dylan shape boards, doing double ups on a wave with Bruce.
 Stunt surfing doubles Bruce and Dylan laying down tracks for the actors to be later super imposed in movie post production.
 Surfing stunt doubles Bruce Irons and Dylan Longbottom with black location dots on their face.
 Every angle was being covered for this ginormous production.
 There wasn’t even a drop of water out of place in this wave. Matahi Drollet simply had to hold his line… and his breath.
 Raimana Van Bastolaer and Laird Hamilton towed the pros, while Teahupoo icon Manoa Drollet was charged with putting his little brother into some gems. The Jet Ski driver has the unenviable responsibility to determine which wave to go for and how deep to place their partner, suffice to say, Manoa at Teahupoo is the best in the business.
 A star is born - There was literally only one line you could draw to even have a chance o escape, In one of the seminal moments of the swell, Drollet slotted himself on this wave and rode it to cinematic glory.
 The perfection of beauty can be found at Teahupoo
 The sleepy village of Teahupoo on Tahiti has not been getting much sleep lately. After the Billabong Pro, it was transformed into a Hollywood set for the remake of Point Break. Second unit director Phil Boston, a surfer himself, was determined to capture real moments and no effort of expense was spared.
 Bruce Irons is still one of the best ever out at Teahupoo. And the crazier the line, the letter for Irons.
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