I'm excited to invite you to my exhibition and at the same time I feel privileged to be selected as a featured exhibition for the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney – The world's most prestigious photographic festival held here in Australia annually.


My Limited Edition Sealevel Series is now showing at the Stanley Street Gallery in Sydney for four weeks starting Wednesday 26th April through to Saturday 20th May 2017 as part of this Head On Photo Festival.



7 - 9 pm

Stanley Street Gallery
Darlinghurst|  Sydney

They've been described as 'stunning' and 'beautiful' but to me personally they are so much more than that. They are part of my photographic journey, a creative expression that makes up the sum of where I am today. This collection is a refined result from a multitude of influences; from people, life experiences, learned technique and nature dynamics. A documentation of an event – the invisible nature of climate change.

I am of the belief that images need to be emotive and express truth.

Not just with visual credibility in the sense that they are real, captured moments in time, raw beauty as in-camera. But truth of integrity, creation, concept and contribution. Elements of truth that are invisible to the naked eye yet are deeply felt – soulful frames in time. A truth that allows me the freedom to smile, to share and hopefully bring awareness to a greater picture than what our eyes can currently comprehend.

Indeed an essential ingredient in any form of photography is the ability to evoke emotion. To stir the heart, ignite passion and inspire. The most beautiful compliment I received recently was when a friend shared how deeply moved he was from one of the images in the exhibition, saying how it bought a tear to his eye – to me this is one of the greatest compliments I could wish for.

I often make reference to the amazing time spent with legendary Magnum photographer Burt Glinn, of whom I assisted, learnt from and gained insight of how he saw truth. From loading rolls of film, frame by frame he communicated how he saw the world through documenting moments in time.

SEALEVEL - The Art of Awareness is my documentary truth.

I feel incredibly proud to say that the process of creation for my Sealevel series is solely based on my experiences, both technically and in life.

Life has shown me to be patient, to be kind and to have compassion for all things. To live in truth and be the best expression of my 'self' as I can possibly be.

My time, thus far, has been spent deeply immersed in the ocean, witnessing her many moods, swells, storms, tides and expressions. From decades of photographing water, spending months at sea searching for waves, exploring the undiscovered – I've learnt to watch and listen.

Observing light and the elements of nature for more than 40 years has given me many opportunities to refine my technical skills and has heightened the relationship I have with my photographic equipment. In this time I've literally captured hundreds of thousands of images to arrive at this point of knowledge – an understanding of light and it's interactions on the oceans surface.

A journey that feels deeply satisfying on so many levels, I can wake up in the morning and look myself in the mirror knowing it’s my truth made with integrity.

I've learnt along the way that it takes more than one person to make a project great and I'm beyond privileged to know so many 'great' people. Not a flock or a tribe but rather a group of incredible humans I call friends that just happen to really excel at what they do.

Like my long time talented friend Al from Aquatech Waterhousing who never ceases to amaze me. To Nikon and Manfrotto of which I value their equipment and support.

Roger, Darren and the team at CPL Digital Printing in Melbourne who have an accumulated lifetime of experience in producing high quality prints. To my friend and framer Hamish at In Focus Framing on the Gold Coast for his passion and perfection - thank you. To Aidan for taking Moving Art to the next level and transporting and delivering each beautifully printed and framed image safely down to Sydney.

To my new friends Merilyn and Liza at their Stanley Street Gallery in Darlinghurst - I'm so very grateful that you chose my exhibition to show, over all the other artists in contention to be a featured exhibition. To Head On Photo Festival for creating a spectacular platform for photographers to present their work to the world.

Thanks to Kieran and the good folk at Corona, and special thanks to Andrea (Frosty) and Wolf Blass Wines for lubricating our appetite for Art.

But none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for one special person and her enduring support – my lovely Selina. She encourages me, believes in me and understands my truth.


Stanley Street Gallery  |  Head On Photo Festival