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My Photographic Collections are being offered as Open Edition Photography Prints and are accompanied by a signed Ted Grambeau Photography Certificate of Authenticity.

This unique image is carefully reproduced by Australia’s most respected professional photographic printing lab CPL Digital.

Available in 4 different high quality print mediums/finish - Lustre, Metallic, Giclee & Fuji Flex.

  1. Lustre: Beautiful natural tones, Lustre is a popular and versatile print choice for framed photographic prints.
  2. Metallic: This paper is similar to gloss and has embedded pearl-like crystals that give it a high-gloss reflection, especially in the highlights and is particularly suited to the surfing, waves, ocean and my water photography images.
  3. Giclee: An artistic alternative to traditional photographic printing mediums. This fine art exhibition quality cotton based paper will maintain the highest quality for your valued investment. Fine Art paper that meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper.

    Mounting & Framing: The price of your print does not include mounting or framing. We recommend you have your print professionally framed in your local area ASAP (as soon as possible) upon delivery. We understand how exciting it is to receive your new print and suggest you avoid damaging the surface with your bare hands by wearing clean cotton gloves and HANDLE WITH CARE.

    Please note: All Ted Grambeau Photography orders will be delivered as a print only and do not include mounting or framing.

    Suggestion: Lustre, Metallic and Giclee prints look best professionally mounted and framed while Fuji Flex prints are best mounted onto a Dibond Aluminium which can give a modern look and an amazing final result.

  4. Fuji Flex: Not technically a paper, this thin plastic material has unbelievable exposure accuracy combined with an increased saturation range. The most outstanding property of this material is its mirror-like, super glossy smoothness that makes any type of image look its best.

    Further consideration: Fuji Flex prints are best mounted onto a 3mm Dibond (aluminium composite).

    Additional Extra: Once you order and purchase a Fuji Flex print from Ted Grambeau Photography we then suggest you investigate having it mounted on Dibond and ready to hang battens via our printers CPL Digital.

    Depending on the size of your print – Dibond/battens will be between (estimate only) $50 - $250 on standard sizes (up to 100cm) plus packaging and freight POA (price on application). We will contact you via email to advise of details.

Each photograph has it's own individual expression and to continue the story I've specially cropped images to enhance their composition and look their best cropped either square, regular, wide or panorama according to the image and most are available in 4 sizes.

Square 1:1
40 x 40cm (approx 16" inches)
50 x 50cm (approx 20" inches)
75 x 75cm (approx 30" inches)
100 x 100cm (approx 40" inches)

Regular 3:2
27 x 40cm (approx 11 x 16" inches)
40 x 60cm (approx 16 x 24" inches)
50 x 75cm (approx 20 x 30" inches)
67 x 100cm (approx 27 x 40" inches)

Wide 2:1
20 x 40cm (approx 8 x 16" inches)
30 x 60cm (approx 12 x 24" inches)
37.5 x 75cm (approx 15 x 30" inches)
50 x 100cm (approx 20 x 40" inches)

Panorama 3:1
13 x 40cm (approx 5 x 16" inches)
20 x 60cm (approx 8 x 24" inches)
25 x 75cm (approx 10 x 30" inches)
34 x 100cm (approx 13 x 40" inches)

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  • Please allow 14 - 21 working days for print orders to arrive.
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We welcome special orders for small or larger custom sizes that are not already listed (standard order sizes) in the shop - POA.

Please send an email inquiry for all international prices/orders for photography prints - POA.