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A collection of aerial photography images captured from our helicopter on an outback expedition. We were chasing light in the Never Never of the Kimberley, the northern-most area of Western Australia.

A vast 'wilderness' region guarding some of the most inaccessible coastlines of the world. With the Indian Ocean on the west and turquoise waters of the Timor Sea to the north. The Kimberley is boarded by the Great Sandy Desert to the south and the rough terrain of the Northern Territory in the east.

Extreme Beauty of the Australian Kimberley Region...

Like the many ships in history, King Henry VIII’s Mary Rose met her death in 1545. Then there's the infamous Royal Navy's merchant vessel Queen Anne’s Revenge, she eventually became a plunder ship of Blackbeard pirates to store their stolen treasures. And the unsinkable became the sunk. One of the most famous shipwrecks - the Titanic didn’t make it on her maiden journey in 1912, a fatal hard hit from an iceberg took the ship to her grave. 

Unable to fight their cruel fate, the ocean has claimed many. In August 2010, cargo barge Nand Aparajita, hit the rocks and was stranded at Kavaratti Islands in the Arabian Sea. I arrived on the shores of this beautiful location in 2016; we were on the hunt for waves and found undiscovered surf with left and right peaks breaking off the bow of this shipwreck.

The contrast of pristine white sandy beaches, the stunning blue turquoise waters of the Lakshadweep Archipelago against the rusty hues of orange, green and purple; anchors, decaying old rope ladders and rusty portholes made for such interesting textures.

Discovering elements from a time passed but not forgotten...

Birds and the bees know the secret, as butterflies play and dance on sweet clouds – enticed by the intoxicating fragrance of young summer blossoms.

With exotic Summer Chocolate and Champagne Mimosa, I wanted to portray the fragile aesthetic of natures aromatic delights by giving lead to colour and detail. The essence of flawless beauty through the simplicity and divine perfection of nature.

Some of the worlds most beautiful things can be the most dangerous...